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4,547 signatures
as of 12/6/2007

Downtown La Jolla

Volunteer Opportunities

Attend A Meeting

Attend a Meeting

Plan on attending one of the upcoming public meetings that will decide the fate of the paid on-street parking "draft" plan. Check our Events Web Page for dates and times. This fight needs lots of "bodies" in public meetings expressing their displasure with what is going on.

The La Jolla Community Parking District Advisory Board meetings are a place where the public can voice their opposition to paid on-street parking in La Jolla. Over 150 people showed up for the November 2007 meeting to opposing paid on-street parking in La Jolla. There has been similar turn-outs by the public at all the Board meetings since.

The one-year "pilot program" presently includes paid on-street parking for downtown La Jolla and nearby beach areas. If you read the parking board meeting agendas you will see that the Board's plan is to ready the "pilot program" for recommendation to the City Council.

When this matter finally makes it to City Council, we need everyone that cares about this to show up for that meeting. The City Council actually votes in direct response to large crowds of angry taxpayers at their meetings. If you've ever wondered how San Diego City governement works, now's your chance to see first-hand how things get done...and undone!

Sign Our Petition


We, the undersigned, are opposed to the implementation of paid on-street parking in the Village of La Jolla

Our elected representatives cannot ignore signatures on petitions. In less than 10 days we collected over 2000 signatures! With your help we've gathered another 2000 in the next 10 days, bringing the total to 4,018.

As of 12/6/2007 we have 4,547 signatures on the petition.

Print out your own copy of the petition and help us gather signatures. Contact Darcy Ashley at FreeLJ@NoPaidParking.Org with the signed petitions. Every signature you gather will help with this fight.

Or, now you can sign our petition online!.

Buy a T-Shirt

Tshirt "Free La Jolla" T-Shirts go on sale for $12 each at 10:00 AM on Sunday, November 11, 2007 at Warick's bookstore and gift shop in downtown La Jolla:

7812 Girard Ave.
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Phone: 858-454-0347

"Free La Jolla" baseball caps also are available for $15 each.

Proceeds from the sale of these fine garments will help support our fight. Buy a "Free La Jolla" T-shirt for yourself, your friends, and family...and wear it proudly!

Send A Letter to the Newspapers


Let the local print media know what you think about this. You would be surprised how easy it is to get your opinion in print in any of the local newspapers. Email works just as well as a written letter.

You can find contact information (and tips for writing letters) on our Contact Web Page.

Contact Your Elected Representatives

Contact Write or send email to your elected representatives. All eight City Council members will be voting on this. Whether you live in their district or not, they want to hear from you.

Mayor Jerry Sanders is up for re-election. Let him know how you feel about this "hidden tax". He was elected on a platform that claimed no new City taxes.

You can find contact information for your elected representatives on our Contact Web Page.

And, please send us a copy of all of your letters. We, like the La Jolla Parking Advisory Board, are collecting public input. However, the case of the La Jolla Parking Advisory Board, that group has only been soliciting and saving input from businesses and individuals that support paid on-street parking in La Jolla. We're now giving them our own collection of letters and petitions opposing paid on-street parking. Guess who has more names...by a factor of 20?

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